The Man Who Killed Shakespeare

February 19, 2008

Author: Ken Hodgson
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Thomson|Gale

Started: 2/19/08
Completed: 2/22/08

I will always admit that I sometimes choose books based on their covers. This book’s title stood out. There as also the book jacket blurb that said that this is “the most demented writer this side of Carl Hiaasen.” I like demented writers.

After reading this novel, I will say that it is not a part of his most demented work, but has a nice taste of absurdity mixed into a sad view of life in the depression-era west. This is a story set in a dying western mining town that sees a brief resurgence in the depths of the depression when a con artist tries to generate a mining-stock scam. It boasts good charaters, a hint of comedy and a sad,sweet story. A pleasant read.


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