Coyote Blue

July 27, 2008

Author: Christopher Moore
Copyright: 1994
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Paperbacks

Started: 7/27/08
Completed: 8/1/08

I’m a big fan of Christopher Moore fan. I’ve read most of the rest of his novels. When I spotted this, one I have not yet read, I snapped it right up! And, it was worth it. A fine example of the Moore genre.


On Stranger Tides

July 17, 2008

Author: Tim Powers
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Subterranean Press

Started: 7/17/08
Completed: 7/25/08

When I pulled this off the library shelf, all I saw was what looked like a goofy pirate tale with some supernatural overtones. It suggested escapism.It turned out to be a bit deeper than that; not a bad story at all. It provides a portrait of piracy in the Caribbean at the time of Blackbeard. There is a strong sorcery tie-in and plenty of action. Escapism, but fairly intelligent.

Author: Victor Gischler
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Touchstone

Started: 7/14/08
Completed: 7/17/08

It has a title that kind of catches your eye. The author is described as “part Christopher Moore [who I like], part Quentin Trantino” and “a raving, badass genius.”

It seemed worth a look and it was. The book is set in the near-future. The main character has sat-out the first nine-years of the dissolution of America into anarchy. He comes down from his mountain hide-out and has to learn to make his way in a chaotic remnant of a nation. Action, blood, gore, sick dark humor, and fun.

Author: Iain Banks
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Macadam/Cage

Started: 7/4/08
Completed: 7/12/08

Members of the fourth generation of a wealthy family deal with the potential of a sale of the family firm to a multinational. This is a family drama set in and around Scotland and the north of England. It has some humor, decent drama, and nice descriptive writing. A very enjoyable little mystery too!