Author: Christopher Moore
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Harper

Started: 11/23/08
Completed: 11/28/08

I think this because it was the only book by Christopher Moore that I had not read. It is the fourth of his that I have read this year. Earlier this year I enjoyed Practical DemonkeepingCoyote Blue, and Bloodsucking Fiends. I’m a fan, no doubt.

Christopher Moore is a twisted dude. He is also a good writer. His novels are short and sharp and imaginative and I always enjoy them.


Supreme Courtship

November 13, 2008

Author: Christopher Buckley
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Twelve

Started: 11/13/08
Completed: 11/16/08

I grabbed this book from the library shelf at least in part because Mr. Buckley appeared on The Daily Show recently to talk about it. He was charming and it sounded like a fun book. It is about an appointment to the Supreme Court of an unexpected judge, a woman that doesn’t quite fit the expected form. It was written well before Mrs. Palin was selected to run for Vice President, but appears to match that odd story line in many ways.

Making Money

October 13, 2008

Author: Terry Pratchett
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Harper

Started: 10/13/08
Completed: 10/20/08

I am a Terry Pratchett fan. When I saw this on the shelf at my local bookstore I snatched it up. Pratchett writes amusing science fiction about a world — Discworld — in which vampires and other “monsters” are just part of the populace. His Discworld novels are great fun and take a delightfully skewed view of life. And this one is a fine example of the genre. A very fun read.


September 27, 2008

Author: Garrison Keillor
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Viking

Started: 9/27/08
Completed: 10/1/08

This was a gift from the Lovely Karen. It is another Lake Woebegon novel. I’ve been a long-time Keillor fan, so I was looking forward to this one. And I was quiet satisfied. This is a great book.

Bloodsucking Fiends

August 21, 2008

Author: Christopher Moore
Copyright: 1995
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Started: 8/19/08
Completed: 8/22/08

This is an early book from one of my favorite authors. He writes dark, odd, very funny stuff. This is the ifirst part of a love story involving vampires. I have already read the sequal to this one and have been looking forward to catching back. When I saw this in a Boston bookstore I snatched it right up.

It was worth it. Now I need to go find that sequel and read it again.

Then We Came to the End

August 9, 2008

Author: Joshua Ferris
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Bay Bay Books

Started: 8/9/08
Completed: 8/17/08

An office comedy. Noted as a National Book Award Finalist. Glowing blurbs. And it turns out to be worth the praise, though it is a slow starter. A thick, fascinating portrait of office life in America.

Coyote Blue

July 27, 2008

Author: Christopher Moore
Copyright: 1994
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Paperbacks

Started: 7/27/08
Completed: 8/1/08

I’m a big fan of Christopher Moore fan. I’ve read most of the rest of his novels. When I spotted this, one I have not yet read, I snapped it right up! And, it was worth it. A fine example of the Moore genre.

Author: David Sedaris
Copyright: 2008
Publisher:Little, Brown and Company

Started: 6/23/08
Completed: 6/29/08

It’s David Sedaris! This was a Father’s Day gift from The Lovely Karen. She knows I am a Sedaris fan and was kind enough to present this volume to me on Father’s Day. A few of these essays have appeared in The New Yorker, but I find them just as enjoyable on a second reading.

Practical Demonkeeping

January 21, 2008

Author: Christopher Moore
Copyright: 1992
Publisher: HarperCollins (2004)

Started: 1/20/08
Completed: 1/24/08

I happened to be in a book store over the holiday week-end and I knew I was about to finish reading the book I had active at the time. I knew I would not be able to get to the library for at least a full day. So I went in search of something by an author I knew I enjoyed: Christopher Moore. I have read and enjoyed a few of his later books (Lamb and A Dirty Job, in particular). Practical Demonkeeping is his debut novel.

It has lived up to my expectations. Light fare, but good stuff. I’ll be looking for the rest of his.