Author: Christopher Moore
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Harper

Started: 11/23/08
Completed: 11/28/08

I think this because it was the only book by Christopher Moore that I had not read. It is the fourth of his that I have read this year. Earlier this year I enjoyed Practical DemonkeepingCoyote Blue, and Bloodsucking Fiends. I’m a fan, no doubt.

Christopher Moore is a twisted dude. He is also a good writer. His novels are short and sharp and imaginative and I always enjoy them.


The Far Reaches

May 8, 2008

Author: Homer Hickam
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books

Started: 5/8/08
Completed: 5/11/08

This novel is set in the war in the Pacific in 1943. It seems a bit of a throw-back to an older style of war fiction. It starts with the invasion of Tarawa and continues on other Islands. I used to read lots of WWII war novels, as a kid. I thought it would be interesting to see how they are these days.

I didn’t read the book flap completely enough to spot that this is one in a series about a character named Josh Thurlow. The others in the series might also be worth a look.

Mister Pip

January 9, 2008

Author: Lloyd Jones
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: The Dial Press (originally published in Australia by The Text Publishing Company)

Started: 1/10/08
Completed: 1/12/08

I’ve heard and read about this novel in a few places and had been keeping half an eye out for it as I scanned library and bookstore shelves. I spotted it on my most recent trip to the Library and thought this might be the time to give it a read. It is a story about a teacher on a tropical island who reads his way through Great Expectations with his class as a distraction from a war.

The novel lived up to, and exceeded my expectations. This is a fine work.