The Peshawar Lancers

December 16, 2008

Author: S. M. Stirling
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: ROC

Started: 12/16/08
Completed: 12/25/08

My brother Matt loaned me this book. It is an alternative-history novel based on the premise that a natural disaster in the latter half of the 19th Century interrupted history. The novel is set in a 21st century that is still using steam-based technology. It is a good adventure story and an interesting sorta-science-fiction story.


Author: S. M. Stirling
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Tor

Started: 4/24/08
Completed: 4/30/08

It has been a while since I pulled a science fiction selection from the shelves. I was not being hugely inspired by my most recent visit to the Lewes Library, though, and the title of this one seemed interesting; it seems like a quote of something from the recent past, but I can’t think what.

I am also interested to see where science fiction is these days. As a youngster, I read widely among the classics of the genre, and the pulp of my youth (the 1970s). What is happening in this area of fiction in the 2000s?

This novel is set on a Mars that was “terraformed” long, long ago and supports an advanced, but decaying humanoid civilization. Visitors from Earth get caught up in local political intrigue. It is an interesting and well-written novel.